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In our interdisciplinary performance Numb with the woes of my kind, we seek to explore the locus of the self and the processes that create and transform our sense of identity, mainly via memory and the relationships we form with others. Influenced by Samuel Beckett’s novel "Company", the performance adopts the author’s main schema: a person sitting in the dark hearing a voice telling of a past. A voice that somehow became independent and now comments on the self as if it is a stranger. With the use of pre-recorded voiceover, an on-stage string quartet, as well as live storytelling, sounds and a minimal choreography of actions, JAVA collectief creates a soundscape of ambiguity and confusion. A journey of movement, text and sound; a testimony of (hi)stories that make us who we are. The performance aims to make the audience experience their own sense of self under this prism, and wonder: what is reality when our idea of a fixed identity is shattered? 


Supported by NORMA Startersfonds 2022.




Flavia Escartin

Julia Filon

Vicky Itsiou

Anastasia Koukioglou

Aggelos Schoinas

Final direction | Dramaturgy

Vicky Itsiou

Production | Promotion 

Java Collectief 


Sound | Lights 

Gabriel Manfredi

Poster | Teaser 

Chris Kosides






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