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Julia Filón


Vicky Itsiou


Angelos Schoinas


Flavia Escartin


Anastasia Koukioglou

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                                                 is a collective of performers and creators based in the Netherlands. Our background as international students and immigrant art workers from Argentina, Greece, Belgium and Spain brought us together.

We seek to create works in which different art disciplines meet and dissolve into one another. In particular, we want to explore the notion of identity in a world that is in constant and rapid change, and how this notion affects individuals and communities at different levels. Our artistic practices vary from classical music to dance and theater. The academic background of our members includes dramaturgy, philosophy and political science. 

With the support of NORMA Startersfonds, we present our first collaborative work Numb with the woes of my kind, based on Samuel Beckett's novel "Company", which will be staged in February 2023 in Rotterdam. In it, we try to uncover the processes that create our notion of a self, the role of memories, and the worlds we fabricate in our minds. The elements we experiment with throughout our creative process are: music, improvisation, live & recorded storytelling, movement, and light. 

By these means we seek to process our common social and personal experiences, integrating them into  our creative work, and hopefully communicating them with the audience.

Julia Filón is a professional musician based in the Netherlands. As a violin player she has collaborated with several orchestras and festivals such as Real Filharmonía de Galicia (Spain), Concert for the Nations (Germany), Orquesta Sinfónica de Avellaneda (Argentina), Schleswig Holstein Musik Festival (Germany), Orquesta del Instituto Superior de Arte del Teatro Colón (Argentina). She obtained her Bachelor's degree in 2021 under the guidance of Gordan Nikolić and Goran Gribajcevic at Codarts Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten. It was during this period that she developed an interest for interdisciplinary projects. She wants to collaborate with artists from different disciplines to explore new performative possibilities that reach a broader audience.

Anastasia Koukioglou is a violinist from Thessaloniki (GR). She studied at New Conservatory with Igor Selalmazidis. In 2020 she obtained her Master Diploma from the University of Athens under the guidance of George Demertzis, and was admitted at Codarts University of the Arts in Rotterdam, where she continued her studies with Gordan Nikolić, Goran Gribajcevic and Pavel Fischer. She has collaborated with orchestras and festivals in Greece, Germany, Russia and the Netherlands, as well as with Greek composers Fani Kosona and Alexis Porfiriadis, whose works for solo violin she premiered at Athens Megaron Hall. She was a member of 6daExit and WHI ensembles, which focus on free improvisation and experimental music. She also holds a BA in History and Archaeology and has studied at the Master program of Political Theory and Philosophy at Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Vicky Itsiou is a performer and dance educator from Greece. She has worked as a producer, movement director and choreographer. She holds a BA in Political Science from Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and a MA of Contemporary Theatre, Dance & Dramaturgy from Utrecht University. She has collaborated with Thessaloniki Concert Hall, National Theatre of Northern Greece, dance company Adrasteia, Theatro DEN, Rough|Cut collective and the Stedelijk Museum (Living Museum Scheme). As a performer and producer, she has participated in numerous festivals in Greece and the Netherlands. She works with all aged students, offering workshops in release technique, floorwork, improvisation and composition with a special focus on the theatrical and performative aspect of movement. 

Angelos Schoinas was born in Athens in 1996. He plays the violin from the age of 4. At the age of 17 he acquired his violin Diploma from the Orfeion Conservatory. He continued his studies in Vienna and Rotterdam. He obtained his Bachelor Degree in Music Performance in 2021 under the guidance of Natasja Morozova at Codarts Hogeschool Voor de Kunsten. During his studies he developed a strong interest in philosophy and interdisciplinary art. He currently attends Tilburg University’s Master program Philosophy of Humanities and Culture. His goal is to communicate art as a critical tool and connect it to the needs of our society today.

Flavia Escartin was born in Gent but grew up in a small village near Barcelona. She plays cello since the age of 4. Classical cello has been her main education but she was always eager to discover other styles. Every summer she would go to different festivals where she would learn Scottish, Irish, American, Spanish folk music and also traditional jazz. Today, based in Rotterdam, she is working with several bands of Turkish traditional music, Contemporary Jazz, Free Improvisation and Classical Ensembles. In addition, she gives private cello and music theory lessons to all aged students. She graduated from Codarts Conservatory in June 2022. Her main musical projects are the Escarteen Sisters, a duo with her sister, and Ayal, a band of six women from different parts of the world that interpret middle-east music. She also works as a photographer, filmmaker and graphic designer.

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